Seniors: Die at Home?-Not the Best Idea

My loved one is determined to pass in their home.  How do I best start the conversation?

Try this. “I love you and I want to do what is best for your care.  On occasion I have observed that your need for personalized care exceeds the limitations of your environment.” Do not make it about “shortcomings.”  That holds a negative connotation. You may want to emphasize the concept of personal safety.

You should schedule a visit for you and your loved one with the physician of choice. That way you can always say, “The doctor says….”  Holding a family meeting may be in order. If dementia is an issue, you cannot logically persuade your loved one to comply. That person does not perceive that there is any problem. Please check your “guilt feelings” at the door and act sooner than later.  Remember your decisions should be based on what is best for the one needing care.

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