Time to Move a Senior

What are key indicators it may be time to consider a move for a senior family member?

If your loved one presents a danger to oneself or others then it is time to act on their behalf.  Some issues may involve physical mobility and result in frequent falls or other physical mishaps.

However, issues involving the mental state of your senior loved ones can be much more challenging to identify.   How do you decide if certain behavior is merely old-age forgetfulness or dementia that can provide a ripe environment for a broad range of dangerous possibilities?   Of course we are all a little forgetful from time to time.  This condition is more consistent.  The first cognitive functionality to disappear is the ability to plan for the future and execute those plans.  Another indication of dementia involves discussion of loved ones that have passed away as though they were still alive. Behavior changes can also provide early warning.  Is your loved one suddenly mean and short with you when that type of behavior has never been commonplace?

A common thread involving the warning signs involves personal observation.  Many times children do not live in proximity to their senior loved ones.  You may have to rely on a sibling or other relative who lives close by to provide timely and specific reports on the current status of your loved one.

You may have to trust your instinct regarding behavior issues.  If you think it is abnormal, it likely is abnormal.  These warning signs are certainly not all-inclusive.  Indeed they may not even present danger at that immediate moment.    While this list of potential symptoms and behaviors is not exhaustive it will give you a starting point from which to proceed.  If you think that your loved one’s issues demand further consideration, then act on those thoughts and devise a plan.  You should always try to avoid having a traumatic event force a plan of care.

This is the beginning of a series of Frequently Asked Questions in the Senior Care market.  I have compiled the top 10. I will post one a week.

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