What is a Personal Care Home

What are Personal Care Homes?  Are they certified like Assisted Living Residences?

This question concerns a type of assisted living residence known as a Residential Care Home (RCH) or Personal Care Home (PCH) (same thing – different name). These home-style settings are quite personalized, and are even located in typical family neighborhoods.  An RCH is often a house that has been transformed into a care environment with on-site staff to provide assistance with the Activities of Daily Living.  Residents live in the bedrooms, either privately or shared, and utilize the common areas with other residents.  Many families choose this type of environment because it presents a more intimate setting and may be less expensive than a larger community. Many of these homes are indeed licensed by the state in which they are located. Some are not licensed, so the inquirer should pay particular attention to all aspects of the environment upon touring the community.

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