Speaking and Advocacy

Stephen Andriko is a noted public speaker. He can be scheduled for an engagement to address interested groups. He features 3 primary topics with variations on each.

1. Senior Care Options

Eliminate the bad emotion from the decisions to seek care for yourself or a senior loved one. Learn about the entire continuum of care including costs and how to pay for it. Answer questions such as:

    • When do I seek care?
    • In-home Care Options?
    • Out-of-Home Placement?

Don’t wait until a traumatic event drives the decision process!


2. Reduce Your Risk of Developing Dementia

Are you concerned that you or a loved one may be the next feature on the “Silver Alert-Missing Elderly” billboard. Learn to apply some simple life-style techniques that do not involve special foods or supplements to enhance your brain health.


3. Helpful Hints for Interaction with Dementia

Learn tried and proven techniques to enhance your involvement with someone suffering from dementia. Whether you are a family or professional caregiver or merely a loved one who wants to “connect,” this is an educational opportunity for you. Tips from several renowned experts in the field are assembled in the “top-ten” format. You will receive a postcard handout to keep for easy reference.

Stephen also offers Professional Senior Care Advocacy for individual personal situations.


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